Gravity Wireless Charging Mount

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With the gravity car wireless charger, you never have to worry about plugging in your phone when you're in your car.


  • Supports all Qi-enabled wireless charging devices.
  • Intelligent IC chip to detect phone and adjust voltage.
  • One-handed operation using gravity-controlled clips.
  • Secure clip to attach to any car.
  • Adjustable for many viewing angles.


We've all had the experience of getting in the car and fumbling with cables just to get our phones plugged in for navigation, and after they're plugged in, they don't stay upright for you to see your directions. We have the solution for this; a gravity-based wireless charger which locks your phone in place and charges it automatically as soon as you put it down.

Will my phone work with this device?

In order to function with a wide variety of smartphones, this device uses Qi Wireless Charging, which means it's compatible with many popular phones such as the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, Nokia 9, Nexus 5/6 and many other Qi-enabled wireless charging smartphones. In addition, the voltage is intelligently controlled by an on-board IC chip which automatically detects the type of phone being used.

How does it secure the phone?

The phone is secured using a gravity-based mechanism which uses a series of gears and springs to (almost) magically secure the phone once it's placed in the holder. Once secured, the phone doesn't move around even on bumpy roads, with sudden braking, or with side to side movement. 

How does the holder connect to the car?

All cars have vents, don't they? In an effort to be usable in all cars, this mount was designed to easily fit into any air conditioning vent on your car. The versatile clip on the back of the mount can clasp onto the vent, and it can be fastened using a nut at the back. Once tightened, the mount can support your smartphone's weight and is secure.