LED Study Lamp

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The LED study lamp provides all the light you need, but with the portability of a smartphone. In fact, it can be charged with a micro-USB cable for on-the-go usage.


  • Built-in battery which can be charged with micro-USB cable.
  • IP63 water resistance for outdoor use.
  • Different placement options for different lighting.
  • Modern triangular design for a striking appearance.
  • Tap-to-turn on and portability.


Have you ever needed light? Of course, you have!  Light is something everyone needs, and lamps are an essential part of your desks and tables. Most lamps, however, cannot be carried around. Could you imagine ever picking up your coffee table lamp and bringing it on a picnic? No. With this contemporary and waterproof LED study lamp, you can charge it and use it on the go.

Can I carry it around?

Yes. This tiny triangular lamp can fit in most bags and purses, and is conveniently charged by a micro-USB cable; one which comes with most smartphones these days. Did we mention, it's also waterproof. Yes, waterproof, which means that you can take it out in the rain and even use it near the pool. It's so convenient, you might not ever leave the house without it again!

How is it used inside the house?

While this lamp is exceptional for its portability, it's also very useful inside your home. With its distinctively modern look, it's sure to fit into any room. For different lighting, you can set it upright, hang it on a wall, or place it on its side for focused lighting.