Mobile Game Controller

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It's really annoying to play games like Fortnite and PUBG on your phone with your fingers, right? You can play these awesome games on-the-go while having a console-like experience with this game controller.


  • Compatible with all touch-screen smartphones. The telescopic boom design allows you to adapt to any size of the smartphone, even it’s an adjustable smartphone case.
  • The handle grip has an ergonomic design and comfortable feeling to relax your hand fatigue for the long-time gaming.
  • The conductive material stick-on joystick gives players the great physical manipulation, providing precise controlling on the in-game characters, and can deal easier with more complex positioning.
  • The joystick comes along with a unique swing arm design, just install it on the right or the left side for your hand preference.
  • Perfect for any game that has an on-screen control pad such as Fortnite, PUBG, Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, FIFA, Dragon Nest SEA, GTA and etc.


The portable and custom fitting mini joysticks have more grip then console controllers and you can position the joysticks wherever it feels the best. Have the upper hand over your opponents and become the best mobile Fortnite or PUBG player! Save tons of money and get a console experience in the palm of your hands; this just might give you the winning edge you need.

Will this work with my phone?

Of course! This game controller wasn't just designed for phones, but also for tablets. Most average-sized smartphones and tablets should be able to fit into this game controller.

How does it work?

Connected by ergonomically-designed handles, the two joysticks use the capacitative touch screen from your phone to maneuver your player across the screen. With this method, you can use this controller with any game which uses on-screen controls.

Does it need to be charged?

Actually, no! You never need to charge this because it simulates human interaction instead of sending direct signals. You never need to pair, charge, connect, or plug this controller in. Just put it on, and you can start playing right away!

Please allow 2-5 weeks for shipping due to a high volume of sales.