Spiral Table Light

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The spiral table lamp adds a modern, yet relaxing twist to your living area. With its gravity-inspired spiral and bright LEDs, it's sure to make a statement in any room of your home.


  • Bright LED lights which illuminate the room.
  • Futuristic gravity-inspired spiral design.
  • Metal chassis to last long.
  • Silicone mask to protect lighting system.
  • Optimized for energy efficiency.


You've seen the traditional buffet lamp, haven't you? They're everywhere, and it sometimes feels better to choose something out-of-the-ordinary. Why not replace your boring lamp with this fun, modern, contemporary, and futuristic-looking spiral of light?

How is the build quality of this lamp?

This lamp, unlike many others in its price range, is built to last. It features a transparent silicone mask to protect its lighting system and a high-quality metal chassis for a premium build quality.

Is the lighting good?

Being a lamp, this product was designed with lighting in mind. Because of their cloth covers, buffet lamps' lights are often muffled and energy is wasted. In the spiral table lamp, the light is distributed all around it without any barriers, so you can be sure that the area around it is well lit.

Do I need to change bulbs?

No. Unlike other lamps, this lamp is powered by inline LEDs which allow for a continuous design and breathtaking appearance. Another benefit of using LED lighting is that there are no bulbs which need to be replaced. Just plug in this lamp, and you have a lamp which doesn't require regular bulb changes. Also, with the amount of electricity this lamp saves, it pays for itself in just a few hours of use. Isn't that amazing?