Telescopic Smartphone Lens

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The telescopic smartphone lens competes with DSLR cameras while still being portable enough to carry with your smartphone in your pocket.


  • Weights 2 ounces and measures 3 inches.
  • One-size fits all clip for ease of use.
  • Available in 8X and 12X zoom options.
  • Adjustable focus for manual control.
  • Durable design allows for on-the-go photography.


Want to take high-quality images, but don't want to carry around a bulky DSLR camera? Or, maybe you just can't afford an expensive camera. This two-ounce device was designed to match the quality of most DSLR cameras while still being versatile enough to be used on your smartphone.

How big is it?

Portability is at the core of this product. This lens is unbelievably small. It weighs a mere two ounces and is three inches in length. It's thinner, lighter, and more portable than even your smartphone.

My phone has a telephoto lens, isn't that better than this?

Actually, no. While many smartphones today have excellent built-in cameras, the maximum that their telephoto lenses zoom is 2X, and while many may have digital zoom to 12X, none of them have that level of optical zoom. This lens is leaps and bounds ahead of the built-in cameras on your current smartphone.

Can I use it for other things?

Yes! Many of our customers use this lens as an aid to view concerts, watch birds, or even take pictures of the moon. This lens is not only good for taking pictures, but also for helping you see far away objects without compromising on quality.