Vintage LED Lamp

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The vintage LED lamp combines the soft glow of a halogen lamp with the modern efficiency of LED lights and the best in battery technology.


  • USB cable fast charging for portability.
  • Small lightbulb-sized design.
  • Vintage halogen bulb look and feel.
  • Two colors: vintage black and champagne gold.
  • Single switch for easy operation.


Here's one of our best products that will send you on a trip down memory lane; a vintage light bulb lamp with a twist. With the same soothing glow of a halogen lamp, but the efficiency of an LED lamp, this is ideal to use on your nightstand (or anywhere else you need light).

How is it powered?

Unlike normal lamps, this one doesn't involve the trip hazard or messy cords. It's merely the size of a single light bulb, and it can be charged with your USB smartphone charger. How cool is that?

Can I take it on the go?

Of course, you can! This light bulb sized bad-boy can be tossed in your backpack purse, or even your pocket, and can be flaunted to your friends and family. With its premium quality and retro collection of colors (vintage black and champagne gold), you're sure to leave a mark wherever you go.

Where can I use it at home?

Even when it's off, this lamp looks like a piece of art. With a selection of vintage black or champagne gold, this LED lamp will leave a statement in any room. Whether it's your bedroom, family room, or dining room, it's luxury build quality and relaxing hue is sure to fit in with any decor.