Wireless Earphones

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Your active life requires earphones completely free of wires, and you can enjoy complete freedom of movement without risking losing your earphones.


  • Comfortable design to fit all ears.
  • Truly wireless to stay in place.
  • Up to 8 hours of listening time.
  • Intelligent touch gestures for easy control.
  • Recharges while in storage case.


Isn't it frustrating when your wired earphones fall out? Or maybe you have shiny plastic ones which just don't stay in your ears? Our subtle truly-wireless earphones are the solution to all of your problems. With their comfortable design and long-lasting battery, they are your go-to solution for listening on the go.

How do I know they won't fall out?

You can be certain that these earphones won't fall out of your ears because of their ergonomic design. We've studied millions of ears to ensure a perfect fit for every ear. With their rubber design and natural curves, they're even comfortable to wear all day.

Will they work with my phone?

These earphones are designed with the latest in bluetooth technology, so whether you own a smartphone or a dumb-phone, you'll be sure to be able to enjoy these. They can even connect to most computers.

How do I control my music?

These earphones are designed with a convenient system for changing songs, replaying, pausing, and even taking calls. With a built-in microphone, you can take calls and your recipient won't hear background noise due to sophisticated noise canceling. Each set comes with a manual showing you all of the gestures you need to know to easily control your music without ever taking out your phone.