Wooden Alarm Clock

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A bamboo alarm clock which gives you the time and weather at a glance, without having to take out your phone and disturb your circadian rhythms.


  • Vibrant 7-segment display for easy viewing.
  • Live temperature displayed right on the clock.
  • Comes in 3 stunning colors.
  • Powered by USB or four AAA batteries.
  • Customizable alarm scheduling for specific days.


Do you need to wake up for your morning jog, school, or just to get to work on time? Then, it's important to have an outstanding alarm clock to wake you up on time. This bamboo alarm clock, with it's vibrant LED 7-segment display is ought to be the right choice.

Will it look good in my bedroom?

The premium wooden finish of this clock will definitely make a statement in any bedroom, and with our offering of three different color options, you'd be sure to find something which will look great on your nightstand.

What if I don't have an electrical outlet?

For portability in mind, this bamboo alarm clock is conveniently powered by four AAA batteries. If you don't want to use batteries, and you have an outlet, you can also use the included USB cable to plug into any smartphone brick. It's a win-win for any user!

What about weekends?

The software running on this clock allows you to customize its schedule however you want, so if you don't need to wake up early on weekends, it simply won't ring. No need to worry about turning off your clock on specific days of the week anymore.